Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart

Chocolate lovers prepare yourselves for the ultimate chocolate tart. It can be served with a nice small portion of almond liqueur.

Coffee caramel

A nice idea to taste something different from classic coffee with plenty calories for those who would like to put some weight… I create this recipe when I was in Antwerp few years ago. In the pic I didn’t add whipped cream because I wanted to fit in my clothes the summer..

Cold Fish Starter

May be served cold, they as well make great starters or even summer main courses. Such meals usually appear appealing and mouth-watering


This corn chowder soup uses ingredients which you most often have on hand, making it simple and fast to cook.

Double Decker Hamburger

This easy hamburger recipe is a homemade version of a fast-food classic.

Escalope with lemon, white wine and parsley

The traditional recipe of scallops in white wine and parsley are originally from the italian city town of Milan. At one time this recipe was cooked during the holidays, today, the simple greedy scallops, are enjoyed on any day of the week, maybe accompanied by a nice helping of mashed potatoes or a vegetable side dish. The scallops in white wine and parsley will be appreciated by all the guests! This is a typical recipe from the classic Italian meat dishes. Also very much like to the children for their delicate flavor, slightly sour and sweet, especially if prepared with tender meat of veal, but in this case no wine!

Exotic Chicken Salad

This is definitely an exceptionally creamy, fruity salad, ideal for entertaining.

Fried zucchini flowers(egg-free version)

The fried zucchini flowers are an appetizer tasty and easy to prepare. In a few easy steps you can serve to your family and friends a delicious entrée made from flowers, with a rich and colorful Spring’s touch. Once cleaned, zucchini flowers are dipped in batter and then fried in oil seed in a few minutes. There are several types of batters in which dress your fried flowers, In this case we suggest the version of egg-free fried, so even people with intolerance can taste this delicious dish. Let’s see how!

Frozen Fruit Salad

This is a refreshing, Cool, and scrumptious recipe, and one of the simplest dishes you can think of. It is a favorite for family suppers, also served at various special events such as, parties, and weddings.

Goat cheese souffle

These yummy soufflés can be baked and served right away in their own dishes. Also, they are simple to cook, and are good for entertaining your visitors.

Grandma’s Apple pie

The rustic Grandma’s apple pie is a cake that remains soft and creamy for a few days. To prepare the cake are used the sweet yellow apples and pantry ingredients such as sugar, flour, baking powder. The smell that will come out from oven will make your mouth water! Apples most commonly used for the cake are the Golden, yellow and very sweet, with a thin skin. But it will be very tasty even with Fuji and Royal Gala. The first ones have juicy and crunchy pulp with a sweet and aromatic flavor, the Royal Gala, however, are bicolor red and yellow and have a fine juicy and crunchy pulp, always very sweet.

Grilled Grapefruit

This recipe makes a thrilling means to enjoy grapefruits, either taken hot or chilled. Sprinkling sugar and also grilling minimizes the harshness of grapefruits, which makes them more enjoyable not to mention pleasant to consume.