Pasta with Tuna

Pasta with tuna is a main course of Italian cuisine, easy to prepare, quick to execute and very tasty. Impress your friends with this recipe based on tuna in olive oil and tomato sauce, great for both winter and summer. There are various recipes of pasta with tuna sauce and you can adapts to various pasta. We will now plan to use the Italian durum wheat pasta called “Penne Rigate,” but you can use the pasta you have available at home. Any other type of pasta is good. Have a look of what you have in your pantry: fusilli, spaghetti, short sleeves, etc. ..? The result will be delicious!

Pavlova in love

It is rumored that Pavlova was created in honor of the famous Russian dancer Anna Pavlova who toured Australia and New Zealand. The exact origin and nationality of the chef is a point of disagreement for the two countries even today. This dessert is included in the national cuisine of both countries and is never missing from tables as festive Christmas. Of course you can form the meringue in any shape you prefer like heart for instant and celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s day.

Peach Melba Salad

Try out this delicious fruit salad, having colorful gelatin, peaches and raspberries.


This is a basic, mouth watering potato soup, which utilizes a couple of store cupboard ingredients to wonderful result. Furthermore, you can use a few bits of bacon to top on the soup.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie

Not only for Halloween but for every occasion, as a dessert or a snack, pumpkin pie is an easy and delicious pie for the whole family

Quick Pate

This simple pate produces an excellent starter for a dining event. Also can be served with baguette slices.

Recipe basis of “tortellini”

Typical of Italian gastronomy the Emilia-Romagna region, tortellini is one of the world’s most famous stuffed egg pasta. If you wish to engage yourself in creating the basic recipe, it will be your first step toward becoming a great chef of Italian cuisine. The tortellini can then be cooked in broth, or with delicious sauces. You will then be thrilled variations used in the filling and you will learn to prefer different sizes, such as tortelloni that are bigger .. The origin of “tortellini” is disputed between the cities of Bologna and Modena, however the “confraternity of the Tortellino”, founded in 1974 filed the original recipe of filling for tortellini consisting of pork loin, ham, mortadella Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs and nutmeg.

Rice Beets And Mint

A fast and nourishing option to satisfy your hunger after a busy day without feeling guilty.

Rice pudding with coconut milk

This is a very refreshing and exotic version of Rice Pudding, can be served at room temperature or chilled!

Saffron Risotto

One of the typical dishes of the culinary tradition of Lombardy is definitely the saffron rice. It ‘s the most popular and preferred by gourmets and often accompanies delicious dishes such as veal osso buco (of which you will find the recipe under Italian and international cuisine here on KitchenSecret). The risotto with saffron, the expensive and colorful spice, it is very simple to prepare, it’s tasty and colorful.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Pasta alla Carbonara is a main course of Italian cuisine, one of the most tasty and quick to prepare. The origin of Carbonara is still much debated: it could derive from the Carbonari by the Italian Central Region of Umbria, or by the inspiration of the chefs during the Second World War who invented a pasta dish seasoned with bacon and eggs etc. .. . They seem to have been influenced by the American breakfast with eggs and bacon. It is important hear that using a few eggs, a little ‘pasta, bacon and excellent Italian cheese, in 15 minutes you will be able to prepare a simple and tasty dish. If you have not spaghetti at home, other types of Italian wheat pasta will work well with the same preparation: penne, fusilli, macaroni ..

Spaghetti dressed with garlic, oil, and red hot chilli peppers

Here is a very simple quick and effective recipe, to dress your Italian durum wheat pasta in 10 minutes. All you need is some good extra virgin olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic and 2 red hot chilli peppers. Buon Appetito!