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Calamares a la Romana

This unique Spanish recipe has turned out to be a worldwide favorite. It is a delicious starter that fuels the appetite, and can be served with lemon wedges along with a cold soda or bear.

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

The “cannelloni with ricotta and spinach” is a first homemade dish of Italian tradition which represents the classic dish of Sunday ‘s stuffed pasta, often prepared on festival days. Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach are made up of rectangles of rolled pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach, Parmesan cheese. This recipe is rich and tasty and is also suitable for those who does not eat meat! To prepare the cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, you can buy the cannelloni dry pasta, ready to be stuffed and put in the oven, or use fresh egg pasta. You can prepare it yourself following our basic recipe of pasta and likewise for the bechamel sauce.

Carrot and onions flan

A delicious french recipe that can be served by its own or with a nice crunchy pork belly. It depends on your diet…

Carrot Cake

This exquisite rustic recipe, pie with carrots, is a typical homemade cakes prepared with love and expertise by her mother and grandmother … Try it! and you will see that it will remain not even a crumb of it!

Chicken curry

This best known of chicken recipes, and the tastiest. It can be served with basmati rice.

Chocobanana Crepes

A classic crepe recipe, usually found in the streets of Paris. If you love nutella you will love this one!

Chocolate éclairs

This is my brothers favourite dessert and I remember him, when we were children, taking in front of him 2 giant éclairs just for himself not letting anyone touch them till he devours them… So this recipe is dedicated to my brother Kosta.

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart

Chocolate lovers prepare yourselves for the ultimate chocolate tart. It can be served with a nice small portion of almond liqueur.

Coffee caramel

A nice idea to taste something different from classic coffee with plenty calories for those who would like to put some weight… I create this recipe when I was in Antwerp few years ago. In the pic I didn’t add whipped cream because I wanted to fit in my clothes the summer..

Cold Fish Starter

May be served cold, they as well make great starters or even summer main courses. Such meals usually appear appealing and mouth-watering


This corn chowder soup uses ingredients which you most often have on hand, making it simple and fast to cook.

Creamed Vegetable Soup

This is a popular summer soup in Finland. It may be served for lunch or for a late supper.