Basic recipe for homemade italian egg pasta

Basic recipe for homemade italian egg pasta
Recipe type: Basic Recipe for Homemade Italian Egg Pasta
Cuisine: Italian
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Italian cuisine is popular for using the traditional egg pasta as a base for several main course. The pasta is the base used for dishes such as tagliatelle, lasagna, tortellini, ravioli, etc. For those who want to challenge themselves in the preparation of basic pasta we are publishing here the recipe and directions for 4 people, although will be easy to remember that you need 1 hectogram of soft wheat flour and 1 egg medium / large for each diner.. Good Work!
  • 400 gr strong wheat flour tipo 00
  • 4 medium-large eggs
  • ½ teaspoon salt

  1. Get a wooden pastry board where to work the pasta. Sift the flour and place it in a fountain shape(or volcano shape) on a work surface with a central hollow. Break the eggs so that they fall into the centre, add a pinch of salt.
  2. With a fork, begin to mix eggs, take some flour from the edges of the central hollow to gradually add to eggs. Now work the pastry with your hands from outside to inside, mix well the flour with the eggs.
  3. If the pasta is too stiff, add 1 or 2 tablespoon of warm water. Continue to mix until the mixture becomes smooth and compact, ball-shaped.
  4. Take a plastic film to wrap pasta. Let it rest for about 1 hour in a cool, dry place. So pasta becomes softer and more elastic.
  5. Then sprinkle with a little flour the work surface and take a wooden rolling pin to roll the pastry.
  6. Flatten pasta first with your hands, then begin to stretch it out with a rolling pin. To facilitate try to flatten first the edges, rotated, sprinkle flour sometime. Pasta’s diameter has to increase and thickness must decrease. Then when the thickness is more uniform starting to roll at an end of the phyllo dough on the rolling pin and holding the other end of with one hand, slide and pull rolling pin to lengthen. Make pressure when the push rolling pin inside and decrease the pressure when you move it outwards. Repeat the steps until you get a nice circle of phyllo dough of about 0.5 mm. thickness or according to the type of pasta that you want to prepare. Now roll the dough after it has been dusted with flour a bit. You can then use a knife to cut desired shapes of pasta: to prepare tagliatelle cut the strips parallel evrery 5/7 mm, for tagliolini from 2 to 3 mm, etc. .. Unroll strips very fast and put to rest on a cloth or on a floured surface.
  7. You can also make the “quadretti”, delicious to cook in broth, by cutting the strips into pieces of about 1 cm wide, rhombus-shaped or square.
  8. To obtain lasagne, cut pasta in rectangular shake to the size of your pan, it could be about 20 x 15 cm.
  9. Remember that nothing goes to waste! With the remaining scraps of dough, you can make “maltagliati” to be put in a plastic freezer bag and eat when you want with the excellent chicken, beef or chicken broth.


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