Dr Who Disappearing Tardis mug

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Travel through time with this Tardis mug. Pour a hot beverage in this unique heat sensitive mug. Then watch the Doctor Who Tardis travel machine as it suddenly disappears from the streets of London and travels to the distant gal…

When you use these mugs, you will enjoy drinking your hot coffee or tea even more while your afternoon is going to be nothing short of magic. It features a picture of the TARDIS sitting peacefully on the edge of a city avenue in London. As soon as you fill it up with hot tea, the TARDIS magically vanishes from where it is and then reappears on the other side of the mug suspended in deep space. This heat-changing TARDIS mug would be an excellent addition to your collection, or even give it out as a present for all of your technologically inclined friends; they are going to adore this unique mug.

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