FoodSaver FSFSBF0116 6-Inch-by-9-Inch Pint Size Bags, 28 Bags

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(as of 26/06/2013 01:24 - info)

FoodSaver Pint Bags are ideal for use with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems to package small items or individual portions of food. Preserve, protect and prevent freezer burn with FoodSaver bags designed with channels that allow c…

These small bags are ideal for storing easy and fast foods. You may defrost inside them, heat these products up in the microwave or even boil them. These are perfect for freezing products, and to vacuum seal things you would like to keep besides food. The bags are BPA free; therefore, it is good to have that self-assurance when utilizing these products. They are the right size for nuts and snacks, to increase their storage lifespan, which makes these items a lot more manageable, for lesser quantities of foods you intend to store.

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