Lodge Pro-Logic P14P3 Cast Iron Pizza Pan, Black, 14-inch

$60 $40
(as of 20/06/2013 04:25 - info)

Seasoned 14″ round pizza pan with loop handles features even, fast heating and excellent heat retention. Golden pizza crust every time. Great for roasted vegetables, pork chops, chicken and beef. Not even the most expensive sta…

This pro-logic Cast iron Pizza Pan is ideal for pizzas as they come out nice and crispy. The pan is weighty enough to spread out the dough without the entire thing moving around. It is easy to clean, and easy to re-season after using, simply spray on it just a little oil, rub in and  allow it to dry. The cast iron remains warm even after you take it from the oven, which helps to keep the pizza warm for about one hour after baking. Also, the two handles make sure it is easier to take out from the oven, and you can also slice the pizza when it is on the pan.

Baking, Tools

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