New Commercial Stainless Steel Salt / Pepper / Spice / Sugar Shaker, Shakers, Dredge, Dredges, Set of 2

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Made of commercial grade stainless steel, these dredges features an secure easy screw-on and leverage handle, perfect for restaurant and home use in dispensing salt, pepper, sugar, powdered sugar and other spices for cooking, baki…

A lot of these salt and pepper shakers are placed as a centerpiece on many homes dining room table. They are terrific and store enough salt and pepper for grilling. They are easy to clean, fill and, do not clog up. These items also work best for onion powder and garlic powder. You can mark these items with a label, which will make it easy easier when you are making meals. The holes are the correct size to enable salt and pepper to pour at a fine rate, and the handles too are helpful for controlling the procedure. The stainless steel surface on them matches your other stainless appliances in your kitchen.

Tabletop, Tools

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