Original Demarle Silpat 11.5″ X 8.5″ Non-stick Baking Mat

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No more greasing and flouring pans, baked goods slide off baking sheet as soon as they are cool Works wonderfully as baking pan liner or as a working surface, use in all types of ovens Silicon and fiberglass non-st…

A Silpat is the top-notch baking mat that should be a part of every kitchen today. The baking mat is constructed of materials that spread heat uniformly through food products, allowing it to acquire the place of flouring or greasing part of baking. The silicone substance does not soak up heat; rather it spreads heat on the surface of the baking pan, which means a uniform result on the food products being baked on the pan. The mat helps you to have better control over the ingredients, which are in your baked foods. The bakeware is long-lasting and will not discolor, and cleaning is easy.

Baking, Tools

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