OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Pastry Scraper/Chopper

$13 $10
(as of 04/07/2013 01:21 - info)

A great kitchen tool offering a wide variety of uses, the pastry scraper is mainly designed to scrape and split bread dough as you work with it on a board. It can also be used for scraping, crushing, chopping, and even measuring….

This pastry scraper features a stainless-steel blade with a handle. It includes measurements on the scraper if you need to get accurate with the dough that you are scraping off the kitchen table, or even use it to divide the dough. This item performs an excellent work of cleaning up the kitchen counter after kneading bread, and even spreading flour on the counter top. With the razor-sharp edge steel blade, being dishwasher safe, durability, comfortable large handle and marked blade; make this an important gadget for your kitchen.

Baking, Tools

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