Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven

$50 $44
(as of 05/07/2013 08:16 - info)

Razor sharp knives whenever you want – easy, automatic. Professional two-stage system sharpens in seconds. Blade guides automatically hold knife at ideal sharpening angle. 120 volts, 60 HZ only…

The entire apparatus is just like an open air oven. The heated, non stick bottom part revolves underneath a heating element. The pizza will be baked from underneath, as well as on top simultaneously. Since the pizza bakes on a revolving pan, which is not encased but in the open, it is easy to add more ingredients when it is baking. Pizza ranges are portable and can easily fit over your kitchen counter top. These items are made with non-stick surfaces, and so cleaning is easy. This oven features 2 heating elements, with one situated at the top, with the second at the bottom part. These feature separate control buttons, which help you personalize the way you intend to make your pizza.

Baking, Tools

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