Reflections Heavyweight “Looks Like Silver” Disposable Flatware for 40 with BONUS Pack of 40 Forks – 160 Pieces in All

$16 $15
(as of 02/07/2013 10:17 - info)

Enjoy effortless party planning with the convenience of Reflections disposable flatware The remarkable sterling silver finish provides the sophisticated look of a formal place setting 160-pc set includes 40 Forks, Spoons and Knive…

These are simply made of plastic with silver coating with and are durable. These cutlery sets are great for any occasion in your house if you do not want much cleaning; since you may well throw these items immediately. They may even be hand washed and reused. This 160-piece set comes with 40 Forks, Spoons knives and spoons + BONUS 40 Forks.

Cutlery, Tools

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