Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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With the Roma Food Strainer & Sauce Maker you can quickly and easily make healthy homemade sauces, jams, jellies, wines, juices and even purees for baby foods from just about any fruit or vegetable imaginable. No More Peeling or…

The Roma food strainer is multipurpose and user-friendly; this sauce making unit and strainer are perfect for making all your veggies and fresh fruits into scrumptious food. It separates skin and seeds skins easily, and it is easy to clean. Set it up on the table or counter-top tabletop with the help of the suction cup, or even set it up it along the edge with the c-clamp. Manufactured from stainless-steel, you can easily put together and dismantle, and it is built to last long. The hopper, spiral, which presses the food into the strainer, the waste funnel, squirt guard and chute are made out of plastic.

Food Processing, Tools

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