simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel

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(as of 24/06/2013 06:53 - info)

Whether it’s a brand new roll or you’re down to the last sheet, our tension arm paper towel holder gently holds the roll in place so you can tear off one sheet at a time with just one hand. It is engineered with a durable stainle…

The spring-loaded arm of this equipment gives you enough tension, to enable you to rip off a sheet with one hand without the need of providing a lot of force that it is hard for the roll to rotate. The weighted base is also helpful; as there will be no more tipping over the paper towel holder when attempting to rip off a sheet. It has a Long-lasting stainless-steel design; as well as being even easy to move around with its in-built finger loop.

Tabletop, Tools

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