Slitzer® 21-Pc. Professional Chef’s Cutlery Set with Case

$117 $303
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Slitzer 21-Pc. Professional Chef’s Cutlery Set with Case gives you professional quality for less! Take your cooking to the next level! With this Slitzer 21-Pc. Chef’s Cutlery Set, you finally have the tools you need to start coo…

The Slitzer knifes are designed with an expert chef in mind, and come with a case for carrying to work sites. They are also a terrific way to begin with, or even to raise the level of your kitchen know-how, and are quite sharp with perfect weight to work with. These are nicely balanced chef knives with full-tang structure, meaning the metal of the blade runs right through the handle. Also, they are finished with a satin polish that prevents rust, which lengthens the lifespan of the knives.

Cutlery, Tools

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