Spicy World Tellicherry Pepper, 14-Ounce Unit

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Spicy World Tellicherry Pepper — 14 oz. Tellicherry Pepper is grown in Tellicherry, India, renowned for its peppercorns. Tellicherry Pepper is considered the very best and is sought after by gourmet chefs from around the world….

The Tellicherry spice is certainly one which has been developed over time, which is certainly a great thing as it is a superb pepper spice. It provides a familiar flavor like that of black pepper, but since it is a perfect prepared gourmet spice, it brings a distinctive twist on the traditional flavor. This pepper is aromatic, well packaged and fresh, fragrant. It is fantastic in most foods from cheese, salads, and roasts to name a few. If you wish to include such a variant using this traditional spice to your food, Tellicherry is an excellent choice.

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