Victorinox 40520 Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

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The R H Forschner by Victorinox Chef’s Knife features an 8-inch blade that is 2-inches wide at the handle. High carbon, stainless steel blade is hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special temper…

High carbon stainless-steel is what Victorinox kitchen knives are created from; that is a better quality stainless-steel, which is sturdy and stops rusting or discoloration. This knife has been created ergonomically; therefore, it may be gripped easily and reduces fatigue when using. They may be washed by hand, as well as the product comes with a lifetime warranty on this set. These knives can be sharpened often owing to a unique procedure meant for tempering their blades. The concept is that the blades should keep their sharpness for a longer time.

Cutlery, Tools

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